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5 Reasons You Should Be Using Solid Shampoo Bars

By now many people are at least familiar with the concept of solid shampoo bars, but do you know all the good reasons you should be using them? 


  1. Solid Shampoo Bars are Better for the Environment!

This is probably one of the best reasons to switch to shampoo bars.  It is estimated that in America people throw away 35 billion plastic bottles every year. Only about 25% of the plastic produced in the U.S. is recycled.  The rest ends up in landfills or even worse in our oceans.

By using shampoo bars, you won’t be contributing to that huge number.  Sweet Sally’s Soaps shampoo bars are packaged in re-usable cloth pouches color coordinated to the scent. 

  1. Shampoo Bars are Great for Travel

You cannot beat the convenience factor of traveling with shampoo bars.  For airline travel no need to worry about limits on liquids.  And if you prefer backpacking and camping a shampoo can double as a body bar which will help lighten your overall load.  

Sweet Sally’s Soaps offers travel sets which include both a miniature size shampoo and conditioner bar conveniently packaged in a re-useable travel tin.  

  1. Sulfate and Silicone Free

Now not all shampoo bars are created equal, so this particular benefit applies directly to Sweet Sally’s Soaps.  Our shampoo bars are crafted to be both sulfate and silicone free.  Why is this important you might ask, well sulfates are a known irritant to many people and can strip your hair of natural oils causing dry scalp.  They are also very hard on color treated hair.

Silicones do not break down easily, so product that is rinsed off your hair and goes down the drain can end up in lakes and streams and do harm to aquatic life and generally bad for the environment. 

  1. pH Balanced for Hair

An important factor in choosing a shampoo bar is the pH level.  Some soap makers make shampoo bars that are actually soap with some added ingredients special for hair.  Handmade soaps generally have a pH of 9-11 which is alkaline.  This is fine for a body soap but your hair much prefers a much lower pH of about 5 which is in the acidic range.  High pH levels can damage hair causing the shafts of the hair to stand up making hair feel brittle. 

Sweet Sally’s Soaps are made from plant derived surfactants that produce a shampoo bar with a pH of 5 that is very long lasting and wonderful for your hair.

  1. Space Saver and Fun to Use

Another great reason to use shampoo bars is your shower or tub won’t be all cluttered up with bottles.  And I think you will find that trying something new, breaking out of your traditional mold will add a little joy and fun to your life.

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