How you helped Sweet Sally’s Soaps become a reality


 Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are thrilled that everyone who uses Sweet Sally’s Soaps knows they are getting a product made with integrity and natural goodness, worthy of the most discerning patron.

Before I created Sweet Sally’s Soaps, over 10 years ago, I saw the natural product world filled with mostly bland, colorless, uninspiring offerings.   

Then one day I thought why does natural and organic have to equal dull, tan, and in the food world tasteless?  Having always had a strong interest in herbs, essential oils, and cooking, I set out to create a line of bath and body products that were not only made with the most amazing ingredients but were also visually beautiful. 

I was concerned that people would think my products were just pretty and meant to be put on a shelf and not used, not realizing all the benefits natural skin care products deliver to the user.

So, I decided to embrace the philosophy that we should all enjoy beautiful things in our everyday lives, taking time to cherish the little pleasures and moments life has to offer everyone.  

I set out to formulate the most sumptuous line of organic soaps, lotions, scrubs, and other goodies designed to cleanse, nourish, scent, and pamper your skin.

 I envisioned that customer being concerned about what they put on and, in their body, as well as how those products affected their environment. 

Through it all, we released our first products over 10 years ago and the response was incredible and continues to grow.


Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

I went to Art School and majored in photography. 

I have 2 border collies and run agility with the younger one.

My favorite color is wait for it ………..purple!

I love to go to tractor pulls.

I am a yoga enthusiast and try to convince people it will solve all of their problems.

I love brussel sprouts.

I have an amazing son who is in the Air Force.

I enjoy weekend motorcycle trips with my husband and we are planning a motorcycle adventure through Greece.

My favorite movie of all time is the Wizard of Oz.

I achieved a 4th Degree Black Belt in Tai Kwon Do.