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Self-Care for the Holidays and Beyond

As we enter the Holiday Season “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” self-care should not be neglected.  Even though the holidays are filled with fun and excitement many people become stressed and overwhelmed, especially in a year when the holidays will probably look a little different than past years. 

Self-care is a very popular buzzword, but just what does it mean to you.  Well I think it means different things to different people, but the most important element of self-care is taking some time to mindfully tend to your own needs. It is vital to your well-being and mental health.  

Too many people think self-care is a selfish act, but they are wrong.  In order for an act to be selfish it needs to be taking something away from someone else or intended to harm someone else, whereas self-care is intended to restore yourself not take away from others.  And when you restore yourself you have more to give to the people you love.  

Taking a little time for yourself during the busy holiday season will help relieve stress.  Stress can lead to many unwanted health conditions.  So, what should your self-care routine look like, well that’s up to you.  You should do simple things that you enjoy.  It could be as simple as a short walk in the fresh air to rejuvenate yourself.  A yoga session or meditation. 

Or it could be pampering yourself with a lovely luxurious candlelit bath.  Soaking away all of that stress.

You could take a little extra time for skin care.

But whatever you choose make it something that brings you joy!

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