Do You Love Trying New Handmade Soaps?

We have the perfect subscription for you! Every month, we send you two different types of handmade organic soap.  It’s a great way to explore new scents and ingredients, and figure out which ones you love the most.

Sweet Sally’s Soaps are made with natural ingredients and essential oils that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy. Plus, they’re gentle enough for all skin types – even those with sensitive skin.

You will receive one soap from Sweet Sally’s Soaps all time favorites and one soap that is designed exclusively for the Soap of the Month Club.  

We know at Sweet Sally’s Soaps it can be hard to find a good quality, organic soap, and it can also be expensive too.  Plus it’s hard to know which company’s you can trust.  We have been making soap at Sweet Sally’s Soaps for over 15 years using only the finest ingredients so you can feel assured of a quality fairly priced product. By joining the club you will be locking in a great price as long as you stay a member.

The September special soap is a beautiful creamy goat milk soap scented with a essential oil blend of lavender and cedarwood. It smells amazing and is super gentle for your skin.  The all time favorite soap is Lavender Swirl.  This is one of my first soaps and has held its own through the years.  

Hi there, I'm Sarah!

I am the founder and creator of Sweet Sally's Soaps and the Zen Box. I have been making bath and body products at Sweet Sally's Soaps for almost 15 years. I am relaunching the Soap of the Month Club after a years hiatus. I have revamped the club making it so much better for everyone. So if you love handmade soaps as much as I do, I think you are going to be crazy delighted with the new Soap of the Month Club!

Get your September Soaps before the timer runs out!

Limited number of soaps available.

$21.00 /month

Soap of the Month Club

Monthly Subscription
  • $21.00 a Month
  • Shipping Included

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